What Are Golf Shot Tracking Devices?

Brad Carey14 Apr 2022

Walking the fairway with a GPS-enabled pole tracking every shot you make from the tee to the green could provide you with valuable information about your game and help you improve your game both in practice and on the course. Now get your head out of the clouds. ShotLink isn't coming to your game anytime soon unless you're a professional golfer competing in high-level tournaments. You'll need to do your mapping and data analysis to a complete picture of your performance.

It's a good thing for amateur golfers, though, since consumer technology is getting better and better. Using a golf shot tracker could help you better understand your game's patterns. A sense of responsibility is also built into every shot. An app wouldn't care whether or not you give due concentration to a shot, but you surely don't want a wedge or drive that has been overshot in your record.

What Does a Golf Shot Tracker Do?

Modern golf is a different game thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. Golfers can now see their statistics in a whole new light thanks to golf shot tracker apps and devices, which provide them unprecedented access to a wealth of information about their game. It's possible to keep track of your progress on the course owing to sensors built into your clubs and user-friendly devices and applications. You can get the information you need by using shot tracking devices and applications.

With the use of sensors attached to your grips, shot trackers keep track of every shot you take while you're out on the golf course. After you've completed your round, you'll send your data to an app or web dashboard, which will help you make sense of it all. Fairway hits, green in regulation, scrambling percentage, and putting analytics are all included in your stats package. To compare your actual distances struck with the clubs on the course with your expectations, you can use this tool. The metrics offered by many systems go much further and highlight every nuance of your golf game, such as strokes gained.

5 Golf Score Tracking Apps That Are Worth Checking Out

We've all been spoilt by innovations in modern technology, which have made our lives easier and more enjoyable. These days, no one enjoys having to wait or even do things the old-fashioned way. What is that saying? We live in an ever-changing world. The sport of golf is no different. Do you need to schedule a tee time? There's no need to contact the pro shop since "there is an app for that." Do you need to keep track of your scoring? You don't need the old-fashioned paper scorecard.

Golf GPS & Scorecard

This app works on over 33,000 courses throughout the world. It also has a computerized scorecard that seamlessly moves from hole to hole, allowing you to enjoy the game at your own pace. You could keep track of your progress by saving your rounds online and using the provided metrics and graphs. With satellite images and zoon, the rangefinder tool is a godsend.

Golfshot: GPS + Scorecard + Tee Times

Golfshot's free edition provides distances and scores for over 38,000 courses across the world. Not only can you see how well you're doing on your own, but you can also see how well you're doing on the greens, short game, and putting. With the £28.99 premium edition, you'll receive additional features including real-time distances to all of your golfing objectives, 3D flyover views of each course, Apple Watch compatibility, and individualized club suggestions based on previous records.

The Grint

If you're playing a game of golf, The Grint application is the best way to keep track of your score. The Grint features a unique function called "Scorecard Picture Service," which is incredibly amazing. Just like the name suggests, you can just take a photo of your paper scorecard and have it instantly converted into a digital scorecard on your phone.


If you want to keep tabs on your stats and scores while you're playing, this is the app for you. Live leaderboards and tournaments could be created with the app, which is a fantastic tool that could enrich your weekly roll-up or group and, in this day and age, is a perfect alternative to having to deal with and exchange a scorecard. Keeping track of the data such as your driving accuracy, the number of greens in regulation, and putts will help you improve your overall game.


You could use this app to keep track of up to five players' scores, handicaps, and statistics on a simple digital scorecard. It has satellite photos and GPS to assist you in calculating distances, but it's mostly a tool for recording your strokes and supporting various games. In addition, you could use it to evaluate game stats or rounds and then share them with your peers. The new World Handicap System and adjusted gross scores are now available in the stats in newer editions. Other features in recent editions include the option to examine full round stats in the premium version, the opportunity to play a customized version of Stableford as a side game, as well as the import of rounds recorded by friends to your account. Also, while picking tees, you can see the slope and course rating.

2 of the Best Golf Ball Tracking Glasses in the Market

It's essential to keep track of where your golf ball lands.  After all, losing your ball on the course could be aggravating. Not having the right tool or the first clue of where a ball could land might cause you to waste hours finding a lost ball.  Golf ball finder glasses make it easier to locate golf balls.

O2O Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses

These sunglasses are intended to let you see your ball. UV rays and glare are well blocked by these golf sunglasses, ensuring that your eyes are well-protected as you play. They're made with a sturdy frame which is essential when playing golf since you'll be taking your clubs off and on several times during a round.

MAVINZ High Definition Golf Ball Finder Glasses

These glasses were developed for those who want to see exactly where their ball lands. Due to its high-quality lenses and exceptional optics, you'll have a clear view of your intended target when wearing these sunglasses. They're also made of polycarbonate and have a 2.0mm thick lens, making the glasses extremely sturdy and won't break easily. With its anti-reflection coating and scratch protection, you'll also be able to view details up close.

You can keep track of your statistics on the golf course by using a golf shot tracker. It can show you facts about your golf game, allowing you to make better and wiser judgments about your strategy to improve your golf skills.

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