The Art of Drinking on the Golf Course

Brad Carey20 Feb 2023

For those who enjoy a leisurely round of golf, there is nothing quite like an ice cold beer at the finish line. Not only does it add to the enjoyment of playing 18 holes or more in beautiful weather and scenery, but drinking on the course can also be an art form that not everyone has mastered yet. Knowing how much and what type of beverage to consume while keeping your game sharp requires skill! In this post series we'll discuss some tips for successful golf-drinking so you make sure you can both have fun out on the fairway as well as still putt with precision.

The Rules of Drinking on the Golf Course

When it comes to drinking on the golf course, there are some rules that must be followed. It is important for players to understand and adhere to these guidelines so as not to disrupt other players or get into trouble with local officials. The most basic rule is no consumption of alcohol while actually playing a hole—you can enjoy libations after completing your round but should never try challenging yourself with an open beer in one hand and clubs in the other! Additionally, unless given permission by clubhouse staff or fellow golfers, any form of hard liquor – typically whiskey – remains off limits at all times throughout the course during tournaments and casual rounds alike. While you’re out on green feeling especially inspired (or deflated), why not share that moment over drinks when finished? Taking time away from playtime allows players a chance both physically reenergize their bodies along with enjoying quality conversation among friends without hurting anyone else's game either directly or indirectly through irresponsible partying habits.

The Benefits of Drinking on the Golf Course

Drinking on the golf course can provide a variety of benefits to enhance your game. From boosting confidence and concentration, to helping calm pre-game nerves, alcohol consumption during a round of golf can truly be an art form that should not only be enjoyed but embraced for its positive effects. Alcohol has been known to have extreme calming properties which helps reduce performance anxiety before each shot as well as improve focus when lining up putts or teeing off from long distances. Not only does drinking on the course increase relaxation levels, it also heightens camaraderie between players allowing them to enjoy their time out together much more than if they weren’t taking advantage of some beverages along the way. For these reasons alone, enjoying drinks while playing isn't just fun - it's essential!

Golfing can involve a day of leisurely activity and socializing, so why not make the most out of it by adding in some drinks? If you're looking for popular drink options to enjoy while golfing, there are several choices that people often turn to. An icy cold beer or ice-cold lemonade is always refreshing on a hot summer’s day on the course. Wine has become increasingly popular within the sport too with hundreds of different types available across all price ranges. For those who prefer something more spirited – vodka cocktails like Screwdrivers, Bloody Marys and Vodka Sodas remain favorites amongst many players for their sweet yet subtle taste that doesn't overpower the game itself. Whichever option appeals most to your palate will be sure to enhance your experience next time you hit up the links!

Tips for Enjoying Alcohol Without Affecting Your Game

When it comes to the art of drinking on a golf course, there’s a fine line between enjoying an alcoholic beverage and allowing it to affect your game. While indulging in a beer or cocktail can be relaxing and even improve your overall experience, having one too many could interfere with your performance. To master the art of alcohol consumption during golfing rounds, here are some tips for you: Always drink responsibly; alternate non-alcoholic drinks such as water or iced tea with alcoholic ones; never teed off after consuming any type of alcohol; stick with lighter beers at lower levels of ABV so that they don't impair judgment nor cause dehydration; set limits before beginning play and always abide by them while on the links. Enjoying booze doesn't have to be detrimental - simply follow these guidelines in order to make sure that playing this sport is fun yet safe every time.

Drinking Games to Play on the Golf Course

Golf can be a great way to relax with friends, and drinking games on the course are an increasingly popular way to make it even more fun. Not only do these activities provide extra entertainment while out golfing, but they also allow you to stay refreshed during those long rounds. Some of the most common drinking games played on the golf course include Kings Cup, Par-Tee Beer Pong, Mulligans Up!, and Shotgun Golf. Each game offers its own twist on traditional rules or requires players to complete various tasks in order for them to consume their beverage of choice. Depending on which variation is chosen, some things like scorekeeping must remain consistent throughout all 18 holes! These unique yet classic options provide added amusement among players out enjoying the sport with good company - so grab those clubs and drinks and have at it!


In conclusion, drinking on the golf course is an art form. It requires finesse and creativity to make it truly enjoyable for yourself, your group of friends, or even a larger event. All in all though, just remember that there are several great games you can play while sipping on an ice-cold beverage! Whether you’re playing beer pong with plastic cups down at the courses driving range or having a few rounds of King's Cup during 18 holes - follow these tips and alcohol will be the least distracting part in your next game. Cheers!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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