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Brad Carey14 Apr 2022

A golf handicap levels the playing field for newbies while competing against better players. The goal is to demonstrate each specific golfer's potential ability, not the average ability, which is a prevalent misperception concerning golf handicap. The handicap is calculated using an 18-hole course, the number of holes played, and how difficult the course is. The handicap index is then generated based on the number of strokes for each hole, calculating an average and applying a factor that changes depending on the index utilized. If you want to play in tournaments, you'll need the USGA Handicap Index.

A golf handicap is used to make golf games fair among players of varying ability levels. Your handicap represents your ability level depending on the par round total of the course relative to your score. For instance, suppose you have a five-point handicap in golf. This suggests that your past golf rounds were five over par on average. Your average and handicap may vary as you play additional rounds and accumulate scores. In general, the lower your golf handicap score, the better your golf skills.

What Is a Golf Handicap?

Knowing your golf handicap is critical if you're just getting into the sport or are looking to improve your game.  A golf handicap is a number derived from a player's prior golf scores that indicate that player's level of skill. You could use it to see how you stack up against other golfers and see how you're improving. A golf handicap ranges from zero to twenty-eight for men and zero to thirty-six for women.

When it comes to tournament-style events, players must know their handicaps to compete. The handicap is a good balancer. Certain competitions utilize a player's handicap to score in a round in several instances. As a result, the stakes are raised for all golfers, including those who may not be among the sport's finest.

The lower your handicap, the better your golf skills. To have a handicap of 5, a golfer must have had an average of five over par in prior rounds. This criterion was changed from 5 rounds to 3 rounds back in 2020. Comparing the performance of two players based on their handicaps is a common method of evaluating a player. Handicaps provide golfers the opportunity to compete and win against stronger competitors based on their performance on a given day.

What Is the Best Way To Track Golf Handicap?

Golf handicap tracking is important. Your golf handicap is essential if you want to participate in tournament play or compete against a friend.

Golf handicaps are always changing. Every time you hit the courses and take a few swings, your handicap is almost certainly going to go up a notch. Keeping tabs on your handicap will help you see if your game is improving or if you need to step up your efforts.

Using a golf handicap app is one of the best ways to keep track of your performance. There are a variety of golf handicap applications available for download. Some of these applications cost money, while others are completely free. A GPS watch or trainer may be included with some, while others may only be used to calculate your handicap. A golf handicap app is essential for those who take their game seriously and want to keep playing and improving.

Some of the Best Apps To Track Golf Handicap

A golfer's potential is measured using their previous round's scores as the basis for their handicap. To simplify the process of calculating your golf handicap, you could use one of the many golf handicap applications for iOS and Android. There are a variety of options to pick from, so you can choose one that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for a GPS tracker or a handicap calculator, you'll find what you need.


In terms of functionality and accuracy, Diablo is the best app for calculating golf handicaps on the market today. When it comes to value and accuracy, Diablo is one of the top options for golfers throughout the world. There are several advantages to using Diablo's USGA Handicap Index, which will allow golfers to take control of their destiny.

Among the many useful features of Diablo include the ability to update and upload stats, discover other Diablo users, and view all of the game's scorecards. The Diablo handicap app makes it simple to see your own and others' handicaps. The Diablo app's excellent features make tracking, score updates, stats updates, and reviews a breeze. When playing Diablo, you must submit a minimum of five scores to receive a handicap index.

Golf Handicap Calculator

You can use the Golf Handicap Calculator app if you only play for fun and not professionally. The app helps you calculate your handicap and track your performance in the game to see where you stand and where you can improve. To ensure accuracy, all calculations are made using the most recent editions of the PGA's handicap regulations, which are revised annually.

To be clear, the Golf Handicap Calculator app is not an approved tool for computing the USGA or R&A's handicap indicators. Your golf abilities can be improved by learning about your present performance or attempting to determine the best possible outcome. For a certain distance, maximum stroke, and the number of holes, a handicap may be determined. All of the parameters are up to you. This is a multi-user app that also allows you to keep track of your friends' progress and receive notifications whenever they are updated.

GHIN Mobile

Golf handicap information is available through the GHIN service provided by the United States Golf Association (USGA). GHIN Mobile is the authorized mobile app for managing your game, making it easier to access and customize your mobile experience.

Golfers in a club that utilizes the GHIN services will benefit from this app. Among the many useful functions is the ability to view past scores and search for certain golfers. Recording your overall score and the hole-by-hole score is also possible. The stat tracking function of GHIN Mobile also covers driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putts. The handicap calculator is its best feature. GHIN Mobile makes it simple to calculate your golf handicap.

For most amateur golfers, the handicap could be a source of pride or a cause of worry. Knowing your golf handicap gives you the advantage of playing on a level field. The concept can be quite tricky, but thanks to golf handicap apps, the process is made much simpler.

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