Why Do Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

Brad Carey14 Apr 2022

The mechanics of the golf swing and every piece of golf equipment somewhat makes golf a science. Golfers of all skill levels never cease looking for ways to improve their game on the course.  For instance, a golfer's hand and technique must be taken into consideration while selecting a grip size for their club. 

Golfers of all levels have discovered that playing with an oversized grip can have certain advantages. The proper grip size for your golf club is mostly determined by the size and mechanics of your hands, as well as the pattern of your golf swings. However, in many circumstances, oversized grips are more effective.

Why Use Oversize Golf Grips?

In choosing a golf club, most players would go for the standard grip. But when it comes to golfers who struggle with slicing, hooking, or other issues related to their hands being too little or huge, an oversize grip might be the solution to their problem.  An oversize grip offers grip pressure, wrist motion, and overall comfort. Having an inappropriate grip can have a significant impact on your performance, and for many golfers, the standard grip size does not meet their needs

Grip Pressure

The pressure you exert on your grip is an important factor in determining your swing quality. In the absence of adequate pressure, you risk losing significant influence over the club. Extreme slicing and pulling might be the consequence of excessive pressure, which can lead to startling blunders like duffing and topping. When you use an oversize golf grip, you can put more pressure on the ball with less stress on your fingertips.

Wrist Motion

Many golfers tend to swing with excessive wrist movement, which is a major contributor to poor accuracy. Simply put, the more your wrists move needlessly, the more prone you are to veer drastically left or right. To prevent wrist wiggles when you swing back and forth, you should use an oversize golf grip. With practice, your wrists will become more steady, enabling your shoulders and clubhead to take on the majority of the work. Your shots will be more precise as a result.


It's possible to play poorly if you're in any degree of discomfort while gripping a golf club. In addition to physically altering the way you grip and swing the club, your thoughts will also play a role in your enjoyment of the game by diverting and disturbing you. It is possible to alleviate pain and discomfort by using an oversize golf grip. As a result of reducing the amount of stress required from your hands, larger grips are better for your fingertips. As a result, your game will improve and your hands will be better protected in the long run.

Oversize Golf Grips Pros and Cons

Oversize golf grips have become increasingly popular. Previously, these grips were only used to assist elders suffering from arthritis. Today, things have changed dramatically. Golfers are seeing great advantages to swapping to oversize grips.


Many golfers' grip problems could be resolved by using an oversize golf grip, and that's why they're becoming increasingly popular. Oversize golf grips are a no-brainer for golfers with large hands or who suffer from arthritis. Here are other advantages of using oversize golf grips:

Relaxes your grip. You'll be more likely to grasp the club tightly if you use a smaller grip, to the point that the muscles in the forearms begin to stiffen up. This could cause you to fail in achieving a smooth, comfortable putting stroke. An oversize grip reduces the amount of strain on your hands during the full golf swing.

Gives you better club control. In golf, your shot's outcome is directly influenced by how tightly you hold your club. An oversize grip makes it easier to land the golf ball firmly on the sweet spot. With a better grip, you can get more distance and power from your shot.

Provides better comfort and relieves pain. Oversize grips are preferred by golfers with hand and wrist arthritis or other conditions that can cause pain when swinging. To minimize the shock and stress on the hands and arms during the swing, oversize golf grips feature extra rubber material in them, which provides better vibration cushioning at contact.


The grip is the most crucial accessory that ties the golfer to the golf club. It's been dubbed the game's lifeline by some. A golfer's shot is completely within his control when he has a strong grip. So why isn't it a good idea to use an oversize grip? Here are the cons of using oversize golf grips:

Not suitable for golfers with small hands. Golfers with little hands should pass on this option. Golfers with small hands will have difficulty gripping the club properly due to the larger dimension of oversize grips.

Reduces sensation during impact. Oversize grips assist to lessen hand pressure, but the impact sensation might be compromised as a result. Due to the thicker grips, the clear sound of flushing a shot is muffled.

Makes the club heavier. Weight is a key drawback of oversize golf grips, which can make a club heavier. As a result, your club's total weight may be too much for your swing, decreasing your ability to get your shots in the air.

Why Use Oversize Golf Grips for Arthritis?

The majority of golfers like to use standard grips on their clubs, but a growing number of players have found that oversize grips work better for them. Oversize grips have been present for a long time, but the golf grips in recent years are far bigger than those of the past. The USGA authorizes grips up to 1.75 inches in diameter, which is near twice the standard size. While golfers normally won't prefer oversize grips, there are some compelling reasons to give them a go.

Golfers with arthritis have always preferred oversize grips. You'll need more strength to keep a smaller grip in place while you swing. It is possible to minimize the discomfort of arthritis by using oversize grips, which reduce the amount of pressure your hands have to exert. An arthritic golfer's ability to play the game may be determined in part by the size of his or her grip. When those with arthritis don't use the right grip on their clubs, they could feel a lot of pain and discomfort on the course. A much larger and softer golf grip is usually the best option for people with arthritis and other hand problems.

It is a good idea to use oversize grips if you suffer from arthritis or have large hands. Anyone can benefit from oversize grips, especially those with swing or comfort issues. Oversize grips can have a major impact on your game because of their higher grip pressure, minimized wrist movement, and better comfort.

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

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