Trying To Fix A Slice? Stick To The Basics

Brad Carey03 Jan 2023

If you are trying to fix your golf slice, the best place to start is by going back to basics. Focus on the fundamentals such as proper stance and grip. Make sure that your feet are placed parallel with each other and slightly wider than shoulder width apart; keep a light but firm grip on the club at all times during your swing; check that weight is evenly distributed between both legs with most of it being in front while keeping core muscles engaged during motion. All these components will help ensure a more consistent ball flight when attempting any shot whether it be driver or iron play. With dedication and practice, anyone can improve their game no matter how seasoned they may already be!

An Introduction to the Basics of Fixing a Slice

If you’ve been golfing for a while, chances are you have come across the dreaded slice. The good news is that fixing your slice doesn’t require complex adjustments or specialized equipment; all it takes is knowledge of the basics and some dedication during practice sessions. To start, get comfortable with how to set up correctly when addressing any shot—from grip pressure and clubface alignment to posture and ball position—as this will create consistency in each swing. Then review basic fundamentals such as turning through impact on an inside-out path (where the arms move outward rather than coming down too steeply). If needed use aids like tees placed along your desired line or other visualization tools as reminders of where to hit the shots towards before striking them at full speed in order for better accuracy. Keep these key points in mind and soon enough slicing will become just a memory!

Why You Should Stick to the Basics

If you're trying to fix a slice in your golf swing, it's important to stick to the basics. While there are more advanced techniques and drills that could help with improving your technique, they often take longer and may not be as effective as simply going back to the fundamentals. By focusing on an easy-to-follow approach, like addressing key grip or body positions correctly can make all the difference without having too much of a learning curve. It'll also save time since you won't have spend hours practicing different methods before finding one that works for you! So if you want success when fixing a slice – stay true to basics!

How to Fix Your Slice with Fundamental Swing Changes

Are you trying to fix your golf slice? If so, it’s time to stick to the basics! By making just a few fundamental swing changes, such as adjusting grip pressure, ball position and alignment can make all the difference in correcting an errant slice. Take some teetime with your pro or hit up the range for some drills that focus on these key areas. Soon enough you will be opening up those angles and driving straight down the fairway rather than slicing into oblivion!

The Benefits of Sticking to the Basics

When it comes to fixing a slice, one of the best pieces of advice is simply to "stick with the basics". Oftentimes, golfers get frustrated and try too many things at once in order to fix their slices. Unfortunately, this approach can often lead to confusion and either slow or no progress on fixing the problem. Instead, sticking with fundamentals such as staying level through your swing plane combined with focusing on doing drills that will help you hit straighter shots are much better strategies for improving your game overall. Additionally, paying attention to how you address each shot—by ensuring proper weight distribution so there's more power without losing control—is key for conquering a consistent slice-free drive every time! Knowing these basic tips can go along way when trying make meaningful improvement from the tee box!

Making Sure You Don't Go Too Far With The Basics

When it comes to trying to fix a slice in your golf game, there can be an overwhelming urge to try and overdo the basics. However, going too far with the basics can ultimately have detrimental effects on your game that may negatively impact you further down the line. Instead of trying overly complicated fixes or relying on gear alone, make sure you stick with simple drills and fundamentals when tackling problems like slicing off tee shots. Start by taking slow practice swings while focusing on developing good habits such as keeping your head still or making sure you keep from swaying backward at set-up before actually hitting the ball (or any other possible trouble areas). Taking this approach allows for more control in ensuring that errors don’t continue into full swings out on course.


In conclusion, when trying to fix a slice the best approach is to keep it simple and stick to the basics. Trying too many complicated methods or theories can end up making matters worse. You should not be afraid of playing golf at its most basic level; this will allow you to focus on only improving specific aspects of your game one step at a time as opposed to attempting everything all once which can lead to confusion and frustration down the line. Remember that if something isn't broken there's no need fixing it!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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