How To Stop Blocking Drives

Brad Carey27 Jan 2023

Golf is all about finesse, strategy and control. If you are someone who struggles to hit the ball straight or generate consistent shot shapes out on the golf course then learning how to stop blocking drives in your game can be a major step forward for improving your shots off of the tee box. By understanding some key principles related to good impact positions and swing path angles you can start hitting straighter and longer drives with confidence - finally releasing that trapped potential! In this blog post I’m going provide an introduction into what causes blocked drivers so you understand why it happens as well as discussing ways of fixing them quickly and easily.

Understanding the Causes of Blocking Drives

Blocking drives is a common problem for many golfers. It can be caused by various issues, including poor alignment and inadequate hip movement during the backswing. To address this issue it’s important to understand why blocking occurs in the first place so that you can make necessary changes to your technique. Poor body positioning is usually at fault – if not addressed properly it may lead to incorrect angles with respect to both your torso and ball-club relationship which will cause blocked shots. Furthermore, failing to rotate or shift your weight through impact might also contribute towards too much loft on the clubface when contacting the ball resultantly resulting in a push shot instead of desired flight path towards target area. Becoming aware of these areas can help prevent blocks from happening – ensuring every drive goes more accurately down range!

Fixing Your Swing Path for Straight Drives

If you want to stop blocking drives in golf, it's important to focus on fixing your swing path. A successful drive requires a consistent, straight line of flight. In order to achieve this goal and reduce the chances of a blocked or hooked shot, focus on making sure that your clubhead follows an upward angle when striking the ball. You'll also need to work at maintaining this angle through impact with even pressure from both arms for maximum control over your tee-off shots. With practice and guidance from knowledgeable instructors along with regular visits to the driving range, any golfer can hone their technique for improved accuracy off the tee box!

Improving the Tempo of Your Swing

Improving the tempo of your swing can be an effective way to stop blocking drives in golf. The key is to make sure that you are swinging through smoothly and consistently with the same rhythm each time, rather than having a rush at some points and dragging at others. Practicing swings without a ball or making practice strokes on the driving range may help you get into this consistent motion. Additionally, timing devices such as Swing Caddie SC200 Portable Launch Monitor or Zepp 2 3D Golf Swing Analyzer can provide feedback so that you understand precisely how well-timed your swing is for every individual shot. With regular practice and training, soon enough those dreaded blocked drives will become a thing of past!

Creating a Positive Mental Game

Developing a positive mental game is key to realizing success in golf. One of the most effective ways to help create this attitude is by actively focusing on one shot at a time, rather than worrying about future strokes that haven't yet been attempted. When you start concentrating too much on finishing an entire hole or improving your score overall, it can be easy for your mind and body to become overwhelmed—which will likely lead to blocking drives down the fairway. To combat this issue, try repeating affirmations such as “I am confident” and “My swing is powerful” before each shot—or even draw up visualizations of yourself making solid contact with every stroke! With consistent effort and dedication towards creating a positive mentality around your play, blocks will soon be something you no longer have to fear while developing better control of where the ball goes when hitting off the tee box.

Exploring Other Options to Improve Accuracy and Power

It is easy to become frustrated when driving the golf ball, especially if your drives are consistently going off course. Instead of focusing on blocking or curving the ball, try exploring some other options that can help improve accuracy and power in your drive. Consider experimenting with different lengths and angles of swings as well as varying speeds during practice sessions. You may also find it helpful to adjust grip pressure and stance widths to get a better feel for club head speed at impact. Additionally, take time between shots to assess what you did right or wrong so that adjustments can be made accordingly each time you walk up to the tee box. Taking these simple steps will have a big payoff in terms of improved accuracy and distance on all aspects of your game!


In conclusion, blocking drives in golf is an issue that many players struggle with. There are several solutions available to help you address this challenge such as improving your technique, using a driver with a higher loft and practicing using drills. When all else fails, however, remember to stay relaxed and trust yourself; these small changes can make a big difference when it comes to being more consistent at the tee box. Taking the time to focus on proper form can improve accuracy and ensure maximum power for every drive!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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