3 Tips To Escape Thick Rough And Save Shots Around The Green

Brad Carey06 Jan 2023

Getting out of thick, punishing rough can be one of the most daunting challenges golfers face. It usually requires extra club strength and a bit of creativity to get back in play. But with the right approach -- even those blessed (or cursed) with deeper lies are below par! In this article, we'll discuss three tips to help you escape that thick rough around the green and save shots from wayward drives or errant wedge shots. With these strategies under your belt, you should find yourself walking off more greens feeling confident about your scorecard instead of wondering where it all went wrong!

Understand the Lie

If you've ever found your ball nestled in thick rough, it can seem almost impossible to hit a good shot. However, the first step towards successfully escaping tough lies is understanding and analyzing the lie of your golf ball. Look at how the grass is growing around your ball and determine whether there are any bumps or irregularities in its position that may affect which type of club and swing you should use. If you recognize such issues with your lie early on, then it will be much easier for you to make adjustments during setup that can save shots around the green.

MinimizeClub Selection

Minimizing club selection is key when it comes to escaping thick rough and saving shots around the green. Here are 3 tips that can help you stay out of trouble: first, always make sure your hands finish together – in other words, aim for a balanced swing rather than reaching for extra distance or control; second, use more lofted clubs on approach shots as they have less tendency to dig into the ground; finally, if you find yourself stuck deep in the rough don’t be afraid to ‘punch’ out with an iron or hybrid - this will give you a better chance of getting back onto solid turf. Following these steps should help minimize chances of playing from the heavy stuff while still allowing opportunities to save strokes!

Adjust Your Set Up

One of the best ways to escape thick rough and save shots is by adjusting your set up. Before you hit, stand behind the ball, take a good look at the fairway or green surrounded by long grass and plan your shot accordingly. The optimal position that allows players to execute their desired shot requires proper foot positioning in relation to their stance line before they even enter into address mode. Make sure all four points (feet) are placed parallel towards the target lines along with this adjust hip movement for balance control; shoulder alignment should follow suit. This will give golfers enough power & stability over volatile terrain thus minimizing any potential mishaps near greensides from getting caught in high-grass around lies too difficult to recover from!

Choose the Right Shot

Playing from thick, unruly rough can be a tricky situation around the green. It’s hard to judge your distance and you could end up with more strokes than necessary if you make the wrong moves. Although luck may play a role here and there, making smart choices is what will save shots in tough lies like these. Here are 3 tips to help choose the right shot: 1) Assess Your Surroundings - Taking an extra few seconds of time to evaluate your surroundings before planning out a shot can mean all the difference between saving or losing stroke(s). Consider things such as nearby hazards; wind-direction; where bunkers/rough patches lie on either side of you etc., then choose accordingly! 2) Go for Accuracy over Distance - Thick rough usually means less carry distance but that's okay! Forget length when landing it close isn't possible from this lie (which often times it won't be!) instead focus on accuracy and precision since too many risks bring trouble of their own . This also applies even closer distances, so pick club selection wisely depending on how much risk involves going after certain pins. 3) Make Use Of Special Shots - Wedges offer special options that come in handy not just around greens but especially those tucked away deep down in tall grasses – bumps & runs , punches, lob shots—these techniques get used regularly by professional golfers because they know its effectiveness at escaping difficult situations quickly without having power behind them inherently~Plus proper execution yields better results whether its choosing off tightening trees or avoiding water hazards altogether —be sure give yourself every advantage available including specialty skillsets which prove beneficial while playing from within dense foliage !

Check Your Distance Control

When it comes to escaping thick rough and saving shots around the green, one of the most important skills is correctly gauging your distance control. Understanding how far you need to hit a shot can be tricky at times, but with proper practice and technique, you will eventually gain that expertise. Here are three tips on how to improve your distance control: First, pick a target in mind while executing the shot. It doesn’t matter if this target is close or far away; it just gives an idea as to where exactly you want the ball end up after contact has been made. Second, make use of pre-shot routines like specific club selection or any other method which helps mentally prepare for each swing before making an actual attempt at hitting it out there! Finally, analyze course conditions such as wind speed/direction before determining how hard/softly you should strike the golf ball - these two factors have great influence over whether or not a given stroke was successful! With all that in mind then next time those golden opportunities arise off from thicker roughs near greenside approaches chances are more high than low for scrambling success that'll save strokes round by round throughout entire rounds played!.

Practice Your Escape Shots

If you find yourself regularly struggling to get out of thick rough around the green and consistently losing shots, it's time to practice your escape skills. Without proper technique and shot selection, even average golfers can quickly make their score run away from them when faced with deep lies in the grass. Here are 3 tips that you should use next time your ball finds its way into a difficult spot: 1. Choose an appropriate club - Selecting the right club for each shot is important, regardless of whether or not there’s tall grass standing between you and the pin. The loftier clubs such as wedges offer more spin control which helps keep balls from ballooning up in high winds or getting swallowed by lush foliage; 2. Keep calm & visualize success - Don't feel rushed by playing partners behind who might be waiting on you; take a few breaths while envisioning how good it will look when everything goes according to plan! It's all about clearing your mind so that only positive vibes remain during this pressure-filled moment; 3 With less emphasis on power – Remember that larger swings aren’t always necessary here — focusing more on precision than strength leads golfers towards much better results versus taking big hacks at tiny targets surrounded by nasty stuff wanting nothing but trouble!


Having a plan for escaping the tough lies around the green can make or break your game. To sum up, here are three tips to save shots and escape thick rough: focus on keeping your clubface square at impact, practice precision distance control with short irons and wedges, and get creative when hitting average-length bunker shots. Knowing how you’ll handle various situations around the green before they arise will give you peace of mind while playing—and help improve your scoring potential!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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