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Voice Caddie VC300 GPS Review
golfalot.com - Voice Caddie VC 300 Golf GPS Rangefinder
  • - 3
My overall opinion is that this is a fun device, but one that ultimately favours form over function. It looks great in your hand, the yardages were accurate and I did eventually get the hang of the device, but the lack of a screen made it a little harder to use and understand that other devices I've used. It is one of the most affordable GPS devices I've used, available for less than £100, but ultimately it is not something I would use regularly. I could see someone who plays by themselves enjoying this type of GPS, but playing in a group or competition, it wouldn't be ideal. However, if you are tempted by talking yardage devices and don't fancy spending a lot, it may be right for you.
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Voice Caddie VC200 GPS Rangefinder: An HONEST Review
outofboundsgolf.com - Voice Caddie VC 200 Golf GPS Rangefinder
  • - 4.35
Even though it was an inexpensive golf GPS that was accurate to use, I feel like there are better options on the market in its price range. It’s not a bad device or anything like that, but I personally preferred others because they had a few more features (front/back of green & green shape). Here are my favorite golf GPS devices. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you have any questions!
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