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Our thoughts on the user experience using the GolfBuddy WT6 GPS Watch - GolfBuddy WT6 GPS Watch
  • - 4
For those who want simple front, middle and back distances via a quick look at their wrist, the WT6 ticks the boxes without breaking the bank. Simple but effective in providing accurate, at-a-glance distances. Extra info and features will be enough for most golfers
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GolfBuddy aim L10V Rangefinder Review - GolfBuddy Aim L10V Rangefinder
  • - 5
The £299.99 price tag isn't low but is actually considerably cheaper than other brands such as Garmin or Bushnell, so the value for money isn't that bad in comparison. Although it doesn't look or feel that substantial it is extremely easy to hold and use, and has all the different modes that you could really need from a rangefinder. Perhaps the Voice function may not catch on but I could imagine some golfers really warming to it, especially if they don't have the best eyesight or play during times of the day when the screen is not as easy to see. Whilst GPS devices can provide a more comprehensive outline of a hole, if you just want to keep it simple then the L10V may be the perfect device for you. Now if only those voices in your head could be turned on and off too.
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GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Golf Watch: An HONEST Review - GolfBuddy WTX GPS Watch
  • - 3.85
In my opinion, it’s a fairly solid golf watch but there are better options out there in the same price range. I’m not saying it’s a bad watch or anything like that but I did prefer others slightly because they had more features. The WTX+ is pretty accurate and simple to use but I’d like to see it have stat tracking and a scorecard. There were also some negatives that made me like other options a lot more.
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