5 Ways To Take The Frustration Out Of Golf

Brad Carey22 Feb 2023

Golf is a challenging sport. It requires dedication, practice and patience to get good at the game but it can be frustrating if you don't make progress as quickly as you would like. Whether you're an amateur or professional golfer, there are some simple steps that can help take the frustration out of golf and allow for more enjoyment on the course. In this blog post we will cover 5 ways to reduce your angst while playing golf so that everyone - regardless of skill level - can benefit from learning how to better cope with frustrations on the green. From improved technique tips to developing mental strategies, these approaches have been proven successful in helping manage emotions when things aren't going according to plan during rounds of golf!

Develop the Right Mindset

When it comes to improving your game, developing the right mindset is essential. To take the frustration out of golf, internalize coping strategies and fully commit yourself to a positive attitude on the course. Reaffirm that each shot has its own purpose and analyze what went wrong when you make mistakes instead of dwelling on them. Don’t forget that even if you have had an off day in terms of scoring, there are still plenty of components within your performance that can be improved upon next time around. Even small adjustments such as these will help build confidence for future rounds!

Focus on the Process

If you find yourself getting frustrated or overwhelmed when playing golf, one of the best ways to take back control is by focusing on process-oriented goals instead of outcome-based goals. For example, rather than trying to make a hole in one every time you go out, focus on keeping your posture steady and always taking practice swings before addressing the ball. When we shift our mindset from results focused to progress oriented it can help us stay cool under pressure and remind us that perfecting our technique takes hard work but pays off in the end!

Get Professional Help

Taking golf seriously can be a frustrating experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your game, getting professional help is the best way to take the frustration and difficulty out of learning how to play. Working with an experienced pro can give you personalized instruction centered around improving your individual skillset, as well as confidence-building exercises that will reflect in all aspects of playing the sport. Professional instructors are also great at spotting areas for improvement that we often miss on our own, giving us invaluable insight into what changes we need to make and techniques needed for becoming better players overall. Getting guidance from someone who truly knows their stuff goes a long way towards making golf more enjoyable – so if you’re feeling frustrated while attempting self-improvement, consider consulting with an instructor before taking drastic measures!

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you want to become a better golfer, there is no substitute for practice. Practicing your golf game can be one of the most effective ways to take frustration out of playing. Make sure that when practicing, you focus on specific elements such as grip and stance; this will allow you to hone your technique without overwhelming yourself with trying too many things at once. Additionally, it’s important not just to work on ‘perfecting’ shots – make sure also spend time developing different play styles in case unexpected changes occur during an actual round. This way, when challenging courses or scenarios arise while playing a real match those difficulties won’t throw off your concentration and performance!

Be Patient with Yourself

Golf can be an incredibly frustrating game. It's not always easy to master the techniques or work on your accuracy, and it can feel like you're never going to get any better. But one of the best things that golfers can do for themselves is practice patience. Don't expect too much from yourself in a short amount of time; allow yourself room for improvement and growth as you continue practicing regularly over the long-term. Constantly pressuring yourself to hit every shot perfectly will only lead frustration – so try and stay patient with your progress instead! As long as you keep up regular practice sessions, eventually all those little improvements will add up and help elevate your game significantly.


Golf can be a frustrating game, but it doesn't have to stay that way. If you follow the steps outlined above, such as taking lessons and focusing on your drills during practice, you will start to feel more relaxed when playing golf. Taking breaks between shots by doing some light stretching or walking is also important for restoring focus and reducing frustration levels. Lastly, remember that nobody ever became great at golf overnight - patience really is key! By being mindful of these tips when next out on the links and keeping an even temperment throughout all 18 holes (or whatever distance), you should soon find yourself improving with each round shot – no matter how long it takes!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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