How To Make Practice Enjoyable For Kids

Brad Carey18 Jan 2023

Golf is a great game for kids to learn and practice, but can be difficult to make fun. It requires patience, focus, coordination and discipline - three things that aren't always the most exciting! But there are ways you can make golf practice enjoyable for your little golfer. With the right equipment geared toward their age level, some creativity in your drills and activities combined with positive reinforcement will bring out the potential of each shot they take on the course. Encouraging them along their journey as a rookie or veteran adds even more incentive when it comes time to tee off at tournaments or just hit buckets of balls during leisurely trips to driving ranges together. By setting realistic goals that both challenge and reward progress made by your child’s growing ability — especially those successes which lead to lower scores — puts all that hard work into perspective in an incredibly gratifying way!

Introducing Kids to Golf

Introducing kids to golf can be a rewarding experience for both the child and their parent or guardian. However, it is important to make sure that practice stays fun if you want them to keep coming back. One way in which this can be achieved is by making games out of exercises - set up small targets around the driving range and challenge your children to hit each one, timing how quickly they complete rounds. Alternatively, get creative with putting drills - use plastic cups as goals for different points across the green so that when a putt goes in there's an accompanying reward! As long as young players are kept interested then they will enjoy learning more about golf without realizing it's just practice!

Making Practice Fun

Making golf practice enjoyable for kids is key to establishing a lifelong love of the game. There are plenty of ways you can make practice fun, such as making sure it’s not too long or hard and incorporating creative games. Instead of just hitting balls on the driving range, try adding element of competition with a closest-to-the flag contest and award prizes like snacks or time playing in the arcade afterwards! You can also set up obstacle courses that mix putting and chipping drills – this will help them work on their skills while having an exciting challenge. Keeping their interest levels high by rotating engaging activities throughout your session will ensure your children remain focused on learning the fundamentals of golf without getting bored or disheartened during longer practices.

Rewarding Success

Rewarding success is a great way to make golf practice enjoyable for kids. When they have successful shots or hits during their practice session, it’s important that you celebrate and reward those successes with positive reinforcement such as high fives, smiles, thumbs up or verbal praises like “great shot!” Doing this can encourage the child to keep practicing while also helping them learn proper technique faster through the motivation of receiving rewards. You can even go one step further by rewarding your youngster after each practice session if desired; whether it's a treat from the local ice cream parlor for getting 10 range balls in play over two days or taking them out for dinner on Sunday night when goals were met every day. The key here is that both strategies will engage children more in wanting to come back and continue their improvement process without making golf feel like an excruciating chore.

Encouraging Team Play

Encouraging team play can help make golf practice more enjoyable for kids. Working together with friends not only adds fun and variety to the game, but it also teaches important life lessons such as camaraderie, cooperation and sportsmanship. Consider setting up a nine-hole scramble each week where teams work together to complete the course in the least amount of strokes possible. This type of competition will give them an opportunity to interact with their peers while taking advantage of some friendly competition along the way!

Finding The Right Equipment

Finding the right equipment for golf practice is key to making it enjoyable for kids. Most sports stores carry children's sizes, but not all of them are specifically designed with young golfers in mind. Look for a package that includes shorter clubs and lighter balls, both made especially for younger players so they can swing comfortably without any extra strain on their growing bodies. Additionally, look into investing in an adjustable tee or mat which will make it easier and more fun as your child practices different shots at various heights throughout every session!

Tapping Into Motivation

Getting kids motivated to practice their golf game can often be a challenge, but the key is tapping into their enthusiasm. To make it more enjoyable for them while they are practicing, try finding ways to reward success and progress in small increments. This helps kids stay encouraged by celebrating even the smallest victories along the way - like hitting near a target or improving accuracy on drives - so that over time they will become better players with greater motivation. Additionally, adding elements of fun such as challenges between family members or friendly competitions against other junior golfers can also help bring out your child's natural passion for playing this great game.


In conclusion, golf practice doesn’t have to be a chore for kids. By keeping things fun and rewarding their effort, it can become an enjoyable activity they look forward to. Don't forget that some of the best lessons are those that come in unexpected places - like when your kid starts focusing on her technique and hits their longest drive yet! With this kind of encouragement and positive reinforcement, even young players will find new motivation and satisfaction from hitting the green – making practicing more exciting than ever before!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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