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Brad Carey10 Mar 2023

If you’re looking to speed up your round and have more fun while golfing, then drag-cart golf is the game for you. Drag-cart golf is a new way of playing that combines traditional cart riding with walking or running over varied terrain in order to progress around the course. Instead of using a conventional cart, players use specially designed pull carts known as “drag carts” which allow them to quickly move across the course without losing precious time waiting for other players or chasing after their ball. With drag-cart golf, you are able to experience all of the joys associated with being out on an amazing course at top speeds! Whether it be competing against friends and family or just enjoying a leisurely afternoon stroll in nature; this unique style of play offers something for everyone!

What is Drag-Cart Golf?

Drag-Cart golf is a unique form of the game that involves players towing their own personal carts while they play. The idea behind this type of sport is simple–instead of lugging your bag and clubs around, you simply attach them to your cart. As you make each hole on the course, all you have do is pull or push your cart with as little effort as possible. This makes for significantly faster rounds when compared with traditional walking golf, but still provides an element of skill from having to track distances between shots and aim correctly. In addition, drag-cart golfers don’t get fatigued like those who walk the course round after round! It’s no wonder so many golfers are embracing drag-carting today – it truly revolutionizes how we experience one our favorite pastimes!

Benefits of Drag-Cart Golf

Drag-Cart Golf is a great way to speed up your round on the course. This new type of golfing game, invented in 2017 by Max Linebarger and Avi Ben-Haim of Israel, enables two players to play several holes at once using their own personal carts. With Drag-Cart Golf, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for each player to complete a hole as well as save energy from having to walk between each shot; this makes it particularly beneficial for people who may have difficulty walking long distances due to age or physical limitations. Additionally, since drag cart golf requires less effort than traditional golf games — such as carrying multiple bags of clubs through 18 holes or pushing heavy pull carts across wet grassy hills — You can also enjoy fewer aches and pains after an outing with friends outdoors!

How to Use a Drag-Cart

Using a drag-cart to play golf is an excellent way to speed up your round and make the most of every hole. Drag-carts are easy to use - simply unhook one side handle, tilt it back slightly, pull it alongside you as you walk, then hook the other side onto your bag straps. This allows for more efficient travel around each golf course by eliminating excessive walking between shots while also allowing plenty of time to practice swing thoughts or read putts at every green. Plus, with all four wheels securely touching the ground at once on uneven terrain (e.g., sand traps), they don’t require any pushing effort - just tug lightly and away you go!

Practicing With a Drag-Cart for Optimal Performance

Practicing with a drag-cart golf can be an effective way to speed up your round and even take strokes off of your game. By dragging the cart around behind you, it shifts the focus away from walking and onto working on technique by allowing for more efficient practice time. For example, when practicing short chips or putts, you don't need to spend extra time moving back and forth but instead have easier access during each shot because the cart is quickly accessible right behind you. Additionally, having a specific location that always remains consistent eliminates any imbalance in distance between shots due to varied locations while playing rounds at different courses. A simple solution like using a drag-cart allows for players of all skill levels to benefit from this convenience without taking away control that may otherwise impede improvement over time - making long tee times no longer hindrance!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Drag-Cart

If you’re looking to speed up your round and get the most out of your drag-cart golf, practice makes perfect. Before each game, use a few minutes for some basic drills and warm ups with your cart. A good warmup routine includes dragging it around in tight circles at varying speeds or even doing short sprints from one end of the course to the other. These practices will help increase agility as well as build confidence in using the device properly while on course. Plyometric workouts can also be beneficial if they are done correctly – just remember not to overdo it! By continuously practicing with a drag-cart before each round, you can dramatically improve both performance and endurance levels during games - helping you finish off those courses faster than ever before!


In conclusion, drag-cart golf is a great way to speed up your golf round without sacrificing the quality of play. With some simple tips and tricks like prepping ahead of time, using lightweight equipment and packing efficiently, you can really take advantage of this game-changing style of playing. There are many benefits associated with it such as improved overall strength building and reduced fatigue during long rounds that really make the investment worth it in the end! So what are you waiting for? Start dragging today!

Brad Carey

Brad Carey

An avid golfer, brad loves a round of 18 on a Sunday. After getting involved in the technical side of golf, he thought he'd share his insights with others.

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